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  • Advertising Your Downtown Main Street on Social Media

    Did you know three of the largest social media platforms operate on an algorithm, meaning not all of your followers will see the content you post? While it makes some sense because it helps keep timelines and feeds less overwhelming, it can make it difficult for your message to be seen. As Facebook, Twitter and Instagram try to prioritize and personalize posts, you have a smaller opportunity for both engagement and outreach. Luckily there is still something we can do about it…advertise your downtown main street content on social media.

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  • Why a Downtown Marketing Kit is Essential to Success

    So you might be asking yourself…What does it take to create a downtown main street where visitors and locals spend their time and their money?” The only way to truly answer that question is to do your homework and build a plan. Read on to find out why a downtown main street marketing kit is essential to a successful, thriving downtown main street district….

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  • Best Practices for Mobile Banner Ad Design

    Mobile advertising is a very exciting space. When compared to old-school print ads, mobile ads can be tested, tracked, and reach a far wider audience. However, since the web is such a busy place, you need to spend extra time making sure your mobile banner ad design is just right.

    By rushing through the design process, you’ll end up with a banner that performs poorly. Below we highlight six best practices you’ll want to follow when you’re going through the mobile banner ad design process.

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