Best Practices for Mobile Banner Ad Design

Mobile advertising is a very exciting space. When compared to old-school print ads, mobile ads can be tested, tracked, and reach a far wider audience. However, since the web is such a busy place, you need to spend extra time making sure your mobile banner ad design is just right.

By rushing through the design process, you’ll end up with a banner that performs poorly. Below we highlight six best practices you’ll want to follow when you’re going through the mobile banner ad design process.

1. Focus on Loading Speed

User attention spans are even shorter on mobile devices, probably because users are almost always on the go when using their mobile phones. Plus, screen sizes are generally smaller, so people are inclined to spend less time reading and doing more intensive activities on their phones.

A great way to ensure your ad actually gets seen is to minimize the file size as much as possible. There are a variety of converting softwares you can use to minimize the total file size while retaining image quality.

When designing your banner keep the platform that you’re designing for in mind. Mobile will have smaller dimensions than desktop and tablet devices. It’s important you really nail the dimensions, so your ad doesn’t looked stretched, pixelated, or blown out.

2. Catch the Reader’s Attention

Being able to catch and sustain the reader’s attention is one of the most important aspects of your ad. If the reader is bored by your ad, or doesn’t even know it exists, then there’s no way they’re going to click on it.

One way to ensure people are actually reading your ads is to use the power of color. Choose bright colors that draw attention to the ad. However, it’s also important you choose colors that are in alignment with your branding. Use bright colors subtly, so they’re not obnoxious, and the ad doesn’t come off as spammy.

3. Choose the Right Size Fonts

Your font must do two things. First, it must be legible and easy to read. Second, the words used must grab their attention. When you get both of these right, then your text will work together with the rest of your ad to improve conversions.

However, make sure you’re not using too many words on your banner. You’ll have limited real estate to include words on your ad, so choose the phrases wisely. Too much text and you’ll overwhelm your reader — they won’t stick around to read an entire novel.

Your ad should entice them enough that they want to click through and find out more.

4. Clear and Compelling Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action is very important, it might even be the most important aspect of your ad. Don’t make your call-to-action confusing.

Using simple words like, click here, download now, sign up, etc., to convey a sense of urgency and instantly tell your reader what action they need to take. Spell it out as clear as possible.

5. Use the Right File Type

When it comes to maintaining the highest quality ad you’ll want to save your ad as a retina ready .png, which is a file format explicitly used for web.

Saving it as an another filetype could result in a loss of quality and might cause your ad to render poorly across some devices and screen sizes. People won’t click on a low-quality ad that looks like spam.

Make sure the quality of your ad conveys authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of your reader.

6. Design for Split-Testing

Split testing will allow you to unlock the full potential of your ad. Make sure you’re choosing ad elements that can be easily swapped out to see what converts best. For instance, you can test your headline, other ad text, CTA text, ad colors used, image, and more.

When split testing, remember to only test one element at a time. That way you can actually tell if changing your CTA from blue to orange, or adjusting the size of your text had any effect.

Designing the perfect mobile ad doesn’t have to be tricky, by sticking to the best practices above you’ll be able to create a beautiful ad that converts.

If you’re interested in getting started with the mobile banner ad design process, or any other aspect of your digital advertising strategy, then reach out to our team today.