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  • Advertising Your Downtown Main Street on Social Media

    Did you know three of the largest social media platforms operate on an algorithm, meaning not all of your followers will see the content you post? While it makes some sense because it helps keep timelines and feeds less overwhelming, it can make it difficult for your message to be seen. As Facebook, Twitter and Instagram try to prioritize and personalize posts, you have a smaller opportunity for both engagement and outreach. Luckily there is still something we can do about it…advertise your downtown main street content on social media.

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  • Is Social Media the Answer Your Shopping Center Has Been Waiting For?

    Believe us when we say social media has a place in your shopping center marketing plan. Think beyond sales, product promotions and dining options, and focus on creating an overall experience that drives long-term brand loyalty when promoting your shopping center. If you shift your thinking and look at your center as becoming a “destination,” the possibilities for attracting shoppers are endless. Here’s a few ways social media can help you engage and build brand loyalty with your shoppers each and every day.

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  • Growing a Highly Engaged Downtown Main Street Social Media Presence

    It’s time to shift your social media presence into high gear! According to a recent Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 92% of business marketers reported social media engagement is important to their business. Social media increases exposure, web traffic and thought leadership which works towards developing more dedicated and loyal customers. Having a large fanbase is necessary, but what we also want is an ENGAGED fanbase. They are our champions! Brand ambassadors! Biggest cheerleaders! So how do we do it? We suggest thinking about an increased social media presence in four steps: growth, engagement, acquisition, retention… better known as the GEAR model.

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  • A Social Media Roadmap for your Shopping Center

    Shopping center sales are still accounting for more than half of all retail sales across the U.S. Even with the prevalence of online stores people are still turning to shopping centers to get their shopping done. However, if you own a shopping mall you need to think about adopting a new social media for shopping centers strategy in order to stay competitive.

    You can only practice old methods of marketing for so long. Shopping centers are more social by nature, so you can capitalize on this by utilizing social media to drive new customers in.

    Below we break down a simple roadmap you can follow to start building your shopping center’s social media following.   

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