Get in the Game with a Downtown Main Street Mobile App

Fun Fact Alert! 90% of time on mobile is spent using apps. Which makes sense since apps are designed for mobile consumption (see where we’re going here?). So what does this mean for your downtown main street? Well let’s start with this…a well-designed mobile app can be a gamechanger for those visiting. It can create a friction-free, seamless transition between your downtown main street website and your visitor’s in-market experience. Here are five reasons why we are true app believers:

Mobile apps help your visitors make decisions while they are actively enjoying your downtown main street.

Improving your in-market experience for your visitors builds brand loyalty and creates repeat business.

People are actively using their mobile phones while they are out. In fact, more than 85% of visitors have their mobile phones with them at all times. Having a mobile app makes sure they have their own personal tour guide right in the palm of their hand.

Because they are using the mobile app while they are in-market, it will drive consumer spending.

A mobile app goes beyond offering mobile-friendly content and provides visitors with a personalized, interactive experience that creates lasting connections.

So if you want to make sure visitors to your downtown main street are being directly guided through what to see and do, have an opportunity to provide real time feedback, and are driving business to your district, then definitely consider developing a mobile app. And the best part? Developing a mobile app doesn’t have to break the bank or take months and months to build…we promise it will be an investment you’ll be glad you made.