Growing a Highly Engaged Downtown Main Street Social Media Presence

It’s time to shift your social media presence into high gear! According to a recent Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 92% of business marketers reported social media engagement is important to their business. Social media increases exposure, web traffic and thought leadership which works towards developing more dedicated and loyal customers. Having a large fanbase is necessary, but what we also want is an ENGAGED fanbase. They are our champions! Brand ambassadors! Biggest cheerleaders! So how do we do it? We suggest thinking about an increased social media presence in four steps: growth, engagement, acquisition, retention… better known as the GEAR model.

Step One: Growth

Here’s step one: focus your initial efforts on acquiring new fans across Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. If done right, a significant audience can be built quickly! Many platform analytics have detailed information on its users that helps create effective advertising targeting.

Step 2: Engagement

Once you’ve got a solid audience, shift the focus to engagement. Allocate at least 60% of your advertising budget on boosted posts or engagement. Create content that invites engagement, or asks a question, creating an opportunity for users to interact with your brand casually. The best part? Social media engagement is the one platform where you can interact with your visitors in a personal way.

Step 3: Acquisition

Remember, your downtown main street’s ultimate goal is to get people to visit! So while you do need to engage users and develop fan loyalty, acquisition is where it’s at! Plan events such as farmers’ markets, concerts, happy hours, and street fairs to get people in stores, dining in restaurants, and enjoying the entertaining quality of your main street destination. Then create a consistent content calendar that revolves around these events. And don’t forget to promote it! Create an event on Facebook, invite your fans, and put a few dollars behind boosting the event (advertise it!).

Step 4: Retention

The last step in growing a highly engaging social media presence focuses on retaining your fans and customers. It’s all about community management…respond to every positive or negative post in a timely manner, be personal, and be responsive to all issues. Just as important, make your customers feel special and reward them for being a part of your social media audience with sneak peeks of new businesses coming downtown, early notice on summer concerts, special offers, and more.