• Roseville Mural Project

    Roseville Mural Project by Blue Line Arts

    “For centuries, public art has been a way to bring communities together and create gathering spaces for residents and visitors alike. With Roseville’s last public arts project coming to an end over a decade ago, our community is long overdue for a creative invigoration.

    The main goal of the Roseville Mural Project is to bring new public art of high artistic quality and enduring value to the city of Roseville. We’re focusing on three unique initiatives: the creation of five new murals in the Downtown Roseville District during the Spring of 2019, a special Veterans Mosaic Mural, and Youth Mural Camp.”

    “Native Florals & Patterns” Madelyne Joan Templeton

    “Junction” Ellie Gainey

    “Harvest” S.V. Williams & Molly Devlin

    “Roses are Blue” Ali Futrell

    “Dorothea Lange” Rafael Blanco


  • Fountains First Friday Street Fair

    Fountains First Friday Street Fair

    It’s summertime, the sun stays out late and there’s a collective excitement at all that’s in store for the weekend…

    From May through October, every first Friday of the month, something happens at Fountains at Roseville that draws the community together and gives family, friends, and neighbors an opportunity to kick off their weekend together with an unexpected afternoon of entertainment.

    Fountains First Friday Street Fair events have grown to become a local favorite in the city of Roseville and surrounding communities. Taking place annually primarily during the Summer months, these free events bring a diverse array of local artisans selling locally and hand made goods, themed car shows, live entertainment, a rotating cast of characters, and so much more! What makes these events unique is, to start, they take place at an outdoor shopping mall that is, in itself, a destination that has long been a favorite for locals to visit for a day out with family, or happy hour with friends. As a place, Fountains at Roseville plays host to these summer events with ease, not so much fading into the background as complementing the many facets of the First Friday Street Fair entertainment. Walking down the tree-lined “Main Street”, you’ll find a premier collection of shops and restaurants punctuated by ornate lamp posts, flower beds, and park benches. In the island that runs through the center is a park-like scene complete with a fire pit, bronze animal sculptures, and the crowning jewel: the majestic fountain that serves as a cornerstone; the heart of Fountains at Roseville. Although you can visit any day of the week all year long and find all of these things, every Fountains First Friday Street Fair you will find that as visitors take in the endless stream of excitement, they will stop at the fountain and watch the animated dance of water and colored lights that moves to the sound of the music streaming through the speakers, while wide-eyed kids, young families, and old friends take their photo in front of the spectacular show and enjoy the sights and sounds of it all.

    With each passing year, Fountains First Friday Street Fair events continue to become increasingly more popular as they grow and evolve, welcoming the community to shop, eat, stroll, and soak up the buzz of excitement on their Friday afternoon.