Live at Rō

We created the Live at Rō website for Rō Homes, a brand new community built in West Sacramento’s Bridge District. We matched the clean look of the website to the modern look of the homes. Much like the homes for sale, the website looks composed, yet has loose elements and interesting quirks (such as the intentional offset of the logo) that break it from tradition.

Rō Homes is located in the hip and trendy Bridge District in West Sacramento. Continuously growing, the Bridge District speaks a lot to great placemaking. They seek to “invigorate the senses” and do so with the numerous art installations and artistically-designed buildings in the area. These beautiful pieces are highly Instagram-worthy and as such they attract crowds, serving as the backdrop for all the exciting things that happen in this urban environment.

Drakes: The Barn // Designer: Jerry van Eyck | Artist: Jun Kaneko
This abstract masterpiece is home to Drake’s Brewing Co. and PizzaSmith restaurant.