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A Social Media Roadmap for your Shopping Center

Shopping center sales are still accounting for more than half of all retail sales across the U.S. Even with the prevalence of online stores people are still turning to shopping centers to get their shopping done. However, if you own a shopping mall you need to think about adopting a new social media for shopping centers strategy in order to stay competitive.

You can only practice old methods of marketing for so long. Shopping centers are more social by nature, so you can capitalize on this by utilizing social media to drive new customers in.

Below we break down a simple roadmap you can follow to start building your shopping center’s social media following.   

How Social Media for Shopping Centers Works

Building a social media following for your shopping mall is very similar to how it would be done for any other style of business. However, since the range of stores within the shopping mall will be much greater you’ll have a wider range of demographics you’ll need to cater to.

Aside from the stores that are present at the shopping center you can also highlight events that might be taking place, live music that might be playing, or anything else that plays on the social experience of a shopping mall.

Below we dive into the process of how a social media audience will turn into more customers for your shopping center.

1. Build Your Audience

There are a variety of social media platforms you can be using to grow your audience. Some of the most common are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. However, you could even use mobile-centric platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to give your followers an idea of what the shopping center is like on a daily basis.

You can build a following by offering exclusive coupons through your social media profiles, sharing relevant content and utilizing the built-in ad platforms to reach customers in your targeted demographic.

2. Drive Shopper Engagement

Your social media profiles need to be engaging and useful. Otherwise, there’s no incentive for someone to actually follow you on social media. You could highlight sales that are currently happening in the stores within the center, offer coupons you can’t find anywhere else, and even get feedback by asking questions about your buyer preferences.

You might even be able to uncover a need for a new shop or stand by engaging with your followers across social media.

3. Activate Shoppers to Visit and Buy

Once you have followers, you need to convince them to leave their homes and come visit your shopping center. You can do this by highlighting discounts that are time sensitive and by offering coupons that are only good for a range of specific dates.

This will help to encourage shoppers to actually come down to your shopping center, instead of buying their goods online or from another retailer.

4. Turn Them Into Loyal Shoppers

Once you’ve been able to successfully turn social media followers into actual in-person customers it’s important to do what you can to turn this into a lasting relationship.

One of the most common ways to do this is to create a customer loyalty program that offers rewards, coupons, discounts, and other buyer privileges. It’s also important to focus on creating a great shopping experience that makes the person want to come back, and bring their friends.

5. Embrace the Experience of Shopping

People love to shop. Shopping is fun and for some people it’s a hobby. Try to cultivate this within your social media profiles. Remember, visiting a shopping center is more about the experience. After all, you’re often competing with online retailers, rather than other stores in your town.

Focus on creating a fun physical environment that people want to hang out at and do their shopping in.

If you’re looking for a personalized social media strategy for your shopping center, then reach out to our Sacramento creative team today.