Web Designer | BTS Enthusiast
She's a nerd who totally sucks at math and doesn't wear glasses even though she's been abusing her eyes with glowing rectangles since man began. We don't know how either one of these things is possible.

Simply put, Jen has always been interested in all things art and science. This passion was what landed her in the field of web design of which she feels is a perfect blend of the two. Always keen on learning new design techniques, she has professional graphic and web design experience for 5 years. With a natural eye for aesthetics and function, she will ensure that all projects beautifully communicate its message.

Work life aside, she enjoys traveling the world. So far she’s been to 8 states outside of California and 4 countries outside of the United States. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to a variety of music from different genres including folk, EDM, and indie. She is also a huge fan of the South Korean musical group BTS, with Worldwide Handsome Jin being her favorite.