Why a Downtown Marketing Kit is Essential to Success

Why a Downtown Marketing Kit is Essential to Success

So you might be asking yourself…What does it take to create a downtown main street where visitors and locals spend their time and their money?” The only way to truly answer that question is to do your homework and build a plan. Read on to find out why a downtown main street marketing kit is essential to a successful, thriving downtown main street district.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
Marketing a successful downtown district always starts with a plan. But where do you start? Bring your stakeholders, partners and property owners together and find out what matters to them, ask questions, get them talking about their vision. This careful audit and analysis of your downtown main street; examining its strengths, weaknesses and most importantly how it is currently perceived by your visitors, business owners and locals is the key to developing a successful plan down the road. Don’t forget to include a detailed recap of your current situation.

Identify What Makes You Unique
Every community has something different and unique to offer that’s why it’s important to determine the features that set your downtown mainstreet apart from everyone else. Be sure to make that the focus of your marketing plan executive summary and a detailed vision statement. Your unique offerings will be your strongest sales tool.

Look Good, Feel Good
Your downtown main street brand, logo, promise and positioning is the visual and written expression of your brand and must be defined and included in your marketing plan. This provides a  clear understanding of how to incorporate the brand into future marketing efforts. To be successful, a strong downtown main street brand must be:

  • Memorable

  • Authentic

  • Meaningful

  • Differentiated

  • Sustainable

  • Flexible

Get ‘er Done!
Now that you’ve done your homework, research, discovery and brand development, you can create a strong action or marketing plan. This plan needs to be detailed “to do list” for everyone to follow. This can outline everything including:

  • Target Audience

  • Current Situational Analysis

  • Marketing Goals

  • Marketing Strategies and Goals

  • A Budget & Timeline

  • Assignments (who does what)