President | Fun Enthusiast
Julie's never met a person or a glass of wine she doesn't like...for the most part. Oddly enough she does her best work before the sun comes up, is slightly competitive, and is always looking for ways to bring the fun. Bottom line? Life is short. Enjoy the game.
Rise with the sun.

Julie has more than 20 years of advertising agency experience working in client service, branding, creative design, copywriting, events, budgeting, and project management. During her career, she has developed and expertise in changing consumer behavior with a focus on account management, strategic planning and brand strategy. Julie credits her degree in journalism for teaching her how to listen well and find that one “hook” that effectively tells the right story…a skill she puts to work as she plays a key role in the development of the agency’s strategic marketing plans and content creative development. Her experience over the years has found her partnering with clients in the real estate, home improvement, travel and tourism, shopping, and food industries. 

Team, family, fun and sunrises are the things that fuel Julie both personally and professionally–along with a good glass of wine.